ARTi is Excited to Now Offer Liquid Char

ARTi is excited to now offer Liquid Char. For those unfamiliar with biochar, this now actively and enthusiastically discussed material is a form of organic carbon that increases the level of nutritious organic matter in soils. ARTi’s Liquid Char takes this even further by including organic nutrients and microbes in addition to microscopic biochar particles. Once more, in liquid form it is now even easier to apply Liquid Char to garden or lawn soils as well as to compost piles. The benefits to your soil and growing yields can be truly remarkable. ARTi’s Liquid Char improves soil health as well as supporting microbial life and biodiversity. It stabilizes nutrients to make them available for your plants but prevents them from being washed away and becoming contaminates to nearby water or soils. Liquid Char remains stable in the soil yet available to the plants!

The application of ARTi’s Liquid Char eliminate odors from the organic fertilizers as well as providing nutrients and lessening the compaction of heavy clay soils. In conjunction to this, Liquid Char improves tilth and decreases soil bulk density. And if that wasn’t enough, ARTi’s Liquid Char increases soil water holding capacity, reduces soil acidity, buffers high pH soils and aids soil stability by combing with soil clay particles and forming aggregates. Liquid Char helps your plants resist diseases and pathogens in addition to the Char being inoculated with mycorrhizae and beneficial bacterial cultures. Mycorrhizae is a valuable soil fungus that takes the exceptional form of a network of tiny threads called hyphae sometimes measuring for miles within a tiny space of soil. Mycorrhizae absorbs phosphorous and magnesium nutrients and brings them straight to the roots of your plants and shields your plants from diseases and toxins. Among all these benefits offered by ARTi’s Liquid Char there is one more that holds a truly global dimension. Biochar captures climate change causing CO2 emissions.. These attributes represent the perfect combination for sustainable practices. The plants capture CO2 from the air transforming it into plant matter and the pyrolysis process locks the char for thousands of years in an organic carbon form that is truly beneficial for soil. Carbon from the air is retained in the soil thereby becoming sequestered in an elegant manner incomparable to any other technology. We are thrilled promote this great product if you are interested in being part of this ARTi’s Liquid Char revolution… so please join us.

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