We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors,
we borrow it from our children.



Arti was founded by ISU students in 2013 composed of multiple disciplines and
nationalities. Our goal is to develop and implement biorenewable technologies

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Liquid Char

ARTi is excited to now offer Liquid Char. ARTi’s Liquid Char includes organic nutrients and microbes in addition to microscopic biochar particles. Once more, in liquid form it is now even easier to apply Liquid Char to garden or lawn soils as well as to compost piles. The benefits to your soil and growing yields can be truly remarkable. ARTi’s Liquid Char improves soil health as well as supporting microbial life and biodiversity. ARTi’s Liquid Char increases soil water holding capacity, reduces soil acidity, buffers high pH soils and aids soil stability by combing with soil clay particles and forming aggregates. Liquid Char helps your plants resist diseases and pathogens in addition to the Char being inoculated with mycorrhizae and beneficial bacterial cultures. Among all these benefits offered by ARTi’s Liquid Char there is one more that holds a truly global dimension. Biochar captures climate change causing CO2 emissions. These attributes represent the perfect combination for sustainable practices. The plants capture CO2 from the air transforming it into plant matter and the pyrolysis process locks the CO2 in the char for thousands of years in an organic carbon form thereby preventing the CO2 emissions from decomposing biomass. At the same time, the biochar is truly beneficial for the soil. Go ahead and try the best biochar on the market! ARTi’s Liquid Char.

Premium Black features Biochar with Water. Microscopic biochar particles in water for easy-to-use application.

Premium Organic features Biochar with Organic Nutrients. Balanced with a proprietary blend of macro and micro-nutrients and healthy organisms.

Premium Plus features Biochar with Proprietary Chemical Fertilizer. Microscopic biochar and concentrated chemical fertilizer for easy application.

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Latest News Posts

2 Dec
Biochar for Urban Soils: Des Moines City Public Works Project with ARTi and Trees Forever

      By Justin Beck and Shane McQuillan The City of Des Moines, Iowa and the tree planting and forestry advocacy non-profit Trees Forever represented by their member Kerri […]

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22 Oct
ARTi Interns Summer 2019

        By Justin Beck and Bernardo del Campo with Joseph Sabas, Samuel Kramer and Zubaida Al aswad Every summer we at ARTi have the good fortune of […]

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16 Sep
ARTi Project Profile: Liquidchar applied to polo training field in Wellington, Florida

By Justin Beck with Enrique Sanz de Santamaria and Alejandro Battro ARTi team member Enrique Sanz de Santamaría is currently working in Wellington, Florida on a project we are quite […]

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12 Aug
Biochar for animal feed

Cattle taste testing feed with added biochar. Photo courtesy Adam Smith, the Nebraska Forest Service and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. • Generally improved health and appearance • Improved vitality • […]

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22 Jul
Nebraska Forest Service and the Douglas County Environmental Services Urban Soils Amendment Project

  By Heather Nobert with Justin Beck In 2015 the Nebraska Forest Service and the Douglas County Environmental Services teamed up for a five-year project to amend urban soils at […]

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27 May
ARTi is Excited to Now Offer Liquid Char

ARTi’s Liquid Char comes in three varieties. Premium Black features Biochar with Water, Premium Organic features Biochar with Organic Nutrients and Premium Plus features Biochar with Proprietary Chemical Fertilizer. Please […]

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13 May
Biochar for Water Runoff Filtration: JR’s Advanced Recyclers in Minnesota and ARTichar filtration socks

ARTi had the chance to employ biochar for a use that is often under-reported. Biochar, in addition to its many other compelling abilities, can also be used in the filtration […]

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29 Apr
ARTi’s Bernardo del Campo Accepts Award from the U.S. Education Without Borders Presidential Youth Leadership Initiative

ARTi Company President Bernardo del Campo Accepts the Award with daughter and chief assistant. In late August 2018, just before the ARTi was about to head off to the USBI […]

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17 Apr
Midwest Biochar Researcher Profile: Dr. Paul Twigg at the University of Nebraska, Kearney

Dr. Paul Twigg and student Renee Roebke work on their corn plot at UNK. Dr. Paul Twigg holds a PhD in Botany from the University of Tennessee with an emphasis […]

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19 Mar
Demonstration showcases newly built, autonomously controlled pyrolysis reactor

Advanced Renewable Technology International (ARTi) gave a live demonstration of its newly built pyrolysis reactor to friends, family, colleagues and industry partners at Wilson Ag outside of Prairie City, Iowa, […]

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19 Mar
ARTi sends completed biochar reactor to Haliburton Forest

After months of hard work and anticipation, Team ARTi (Advanced Renewable Technology International) shipped its first, newly built biochar reactor to Haliburton Forest and Wild Life Reserve Ltd. on Sept. […]

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19 Mar
ARTi to host biochar webinar Oct. 31

ARTi members Matthew Kieffer, Bernardo del Campo, and Juan Proano are presenting a Web seminar, “BioChar and Beyond,” that will discuss biochar – a black, charcoal-like substance that is created during the conversion of […]

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19 Mar
Biochar and Beyond webinar available on Youtube

The biochar webinar October 30 was a success! ARTi members Matthew Kieffer, Juan Proano and Bernardo del Campo hosted an informative seminar on biochar to universities across the country. Didn’t […]

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19 Mar
ARTi presented 2014 IES Outstanding Business Award

Representing Advanced Renewable Technology International Inc., Juan Proano, Matthew Kieffer and Bernardo del Campo were presented the Outstanding Immigrant Business Award at the 2014 Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit (IES) in Ankeny, […]

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19 Mar
ARTi finds new connections, opportunities at 2015 Clean Energy Trust competition

As a finalist in the fifth annual Clean Energy Trust competition, ARTi competed with 13 other cleantech startups on April 14 for a combined $1 million in early stage investment […]

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